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Bustier Corset-Purple Lotus
Product Code : PGL100
【Series Guide】
Adjustable shoulder straps can relieve pressure of the shoulder. Shaping bra cups can support and uplift bust. It avoids fat accumulation and drooping of breasts.

Three pieces of 3D cutting of bra cup can uplifting and centralize the bust figure. The lower rim of the Bra is lengthen which can strength the position firmly. It can solve the problems of flat breast, drooping breast, and effectively wrap up bust and make them full.

U-Shape design of the back can balance both shoulders, shift excessive fat upward to right place and modify the shape of the back. Besides, it can regulate bending back, prevent and improve twisted backbone. At last, it can relieve back pain. Excellent Side Backup Principle can apply pressures on both side sewing which can uplift the breast forward and the wearer feeling comfort naturally.
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