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R & Y international Co Ltd is a Taiwanese Investment Enterprise which set up by Ms Any Lin. The Headquarter of the Groups is situated at Taiwan. Production and R&D are performed in Japan. The main products are Functional Lingerie and Skin Care which are selling under professional marketing strategy.
At present, R & Y Groups was established successfully in Japan, foundation is based in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are the selling network. The objective of the Groups is to expand her business word-wide and establish a Functional Lingerie Kingdom in Asia Pacific. Let every lady to possess a charming and beauty body shaping.
Re-Young Group Vision are based on the concept of enthusiasm, cutting-edge dominant technologies and vogue. In additionally, we provides comprehensive sales services to customers, full range of professional training, co-operate sincerely with all sales teams by utilizing global manpower and communication. We constantly pursue our corporate statement “Healthy Project, Beautiful Life” and enhance our Functional Lingerie to a leading fashion trend. 。
Re Young Group Vision
The concept of enthusiasm,
cutting-edge dominant technologies and vogue
Re Young Culture
Enthusiasm: Operating Enthusiasm, Servicing Enthusiasm, Management Enthusiasm
Technology: Innovative Products, worldwide internet, computer management
Vogue: Keep up with Vogue, Leading Vogue, Innovate Vogue
Re Young Mission: Healthy Project, Beautiful Life
“Healthy Project, Beautiful Life” potential;
Comfort, satisfaction, optimism;
Professional technology;
Professional process, experience;
Connotation, morality;
Talent (nurture and nurtured);
Reborn, inheritance
Re Young Philosophy
4 Peaceful: Peaceful in heart, body, family and career
4 Needs: Require, wants, ability and requisite
4 It: Encounter it, accept it, deal with it, let it be
4 Sentimental: Influence, touching, gratitude, appreciate
4 Good Fortune: Realize, treasure and cultivate
Core Values of Re Young
Talents: Virtue, Professional, Results-oriented
Products: Health, Functions, High Quality
Proprieties: Gratitude, Contribution, Sharing