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SlimMe Seamless Push Up Top (2)
Product Code : INB-15
Design principle
1. Deep U chest curvature, chest shape will concentrate in center and lead to prevent breast expansion.
2. Progressive three-row double-hook design which can adjusts the buckle and fit to the size.
3. Fully control supernumerary breasts fat into the cup bras and we wear it comfortably.
4. Strengthen the arm tightly and cover the loose fat completely.
5. The back pressure is balances which lead to the back fat evenly distributed.

1. The 420 denier fiber is adopted and woven by the oblique hexagonal diamond method, it is not too tight while wearing.
2. Ergonomic design which lead to push up chest and back in upright position and correct posture.
3. The lower bust press design enhance and block the chest fat while assisting in straightening the back.
4. The press design on both sides strengthens supernumerary breasts, so that the breasts concentrate which lead to upgrade the size of the cup bras.
5. Both arms contract and uplift, the shoulder relax, Meanwhile reduce the burden of back and straighten the shoulders and the back.
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